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Words From The Soul

The Journey Into Me Part 2


‘I made a commitment to not let myself feel this way again. So, I decided to put me and my wellbeing first.’ 

For so long I was putting everything in my life before me. But now instead of coming last on my to-do-list, I switched up the order and put myself and my needs first – and my body thanked me for it.  

Here are a few ways I brought balance back into my life:


I stepped away from my demanding role to achieve more work/life balance

I found a great mind, body, spirit coach/mentor to guide me through my self-care journey and release energetic blockages. I realised the importance of seeking help and support and not viewing this as a weakness. 

I spent more time engaging in ‘alone-time’ activities that I personally enjoyed

I learnt to be guided via my senses, by practicing Aromatherapy

I rediscovered my love for baths; connecting to water to soothe and cleanse the body

I deep dived into my health, learning the importance of using natural ingredients and eliminating toxins, to bring back my energy

I took time to understand and incorporate mindfulness and meditation, to gain mental clarity

I got back in touch with my creativity, which left me feeling reignited. 



Now when the going gets tough, I am equipped to handle it and not let it overwhelm me. 

Now I can snap out of being in constant flight or fight mode and running on adrenaline. 

Step-by-step and very gradually, I gathered more and more tools to create self-care and wellness rituals, to nurture myself and my soul which built my foundation for self-love. 

Giving myself the much needed attention I was missing, allowed the space for healing to occur and deep blockages to be released. 

I took the time to explore and find myself again, and what made me feel good in order to bring back the spark and joy in my life. Work had overtaken my life and I wanted to feel playful again and to know how to put me, myself and my soul first! 

Finally, I learnt how to put healthy boundaries in my life, on the inside and out. 

‘By following my own path of self-discovery, I also found my calling - to help others feel good by finding clarity and calm in their own lives.’ 

Over the course of my self-care journey, I started tapping into the lifestyle struggles of the people around me. Through various conversations, I realised that we are all struggling with stress, as a result of putting other’s needs above our own. Yet, we often don’t realise that true health and wellness can come by tuning into ourselves.

In 2017, while on my lunch break in a bustling CBD food court - the seeds for Me Myself My Soul were planted. I had always wanted to make a more personal impact through my work, and this was my way to do just that. To help others feel calm, de-stressed and safe in their body. 

To realise just how important they are. 

Me Myself My Soul is a reflection of some of my toughest, yet most important life lessons and experiences. It is inspired by the time in my life when I completely disregarded myself and my needs. It was my ticket back to self-love. 

‘I believe we go through challenges so we can learn. It can be our catalyst for change in a new direction.’ 

Putting yourself first may sound simple, but it takes great courage and strength if you want to see yourself sparkle and flourish. But like any challenge, it is also well worth it. It takes time and patience to widely ride into the unknown. We must be willing to want better things for ourselves, to want more out of life and believe we can rightfully have this. We must be willing to open up, listen to our body and intuition and just … surrender. 

My journey was a gift. It not only taught me how important it was to look after myself, but that I could also show others how to follow the same path, especially in this ever-changing world.

I hope that you can connect with a part of yourself, through my life’s journey. I can’t wait to keep expanding this brand and give you the tools to flourish and grow and to keep unravelling more of my learnings and truths.  I look forward to having your beautiful soul join me on this path to reconnecting within. 


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