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Are your products natural or organically derived?

All products and brands sold on the Me Myself My Soul website use naturally derived or organic ingredients. Our mission is to provide self-care products that are toxic free, with no nasties to ensure that your body is not exposed to harsh chemicals. Your health and wellbeing is of utmost importance to us.

Are your products vegan or cruelty free?

Yes, we are proud to say all of our products are considered vegan and cruelty free. We do not believe in testing on animals and do not showcase brands who carry this out in the production of their products.

What are essential oils and are they safe to use?

Essential oils are pure, natural, concentrated liquids extracted from flowers, herbs and plants. They can be used safely by either diffusing into the air, inhalation or diluted with a carrier oil for use on the skin.

Are Essential oils safe to use directly on the skin?

Essential oils should not be applied directly onto the skin and should always be mixed in with a carrier oil, to avoid skin irritation or toxicity. Always patch test an area of skin before use. A recommended safe dilution ratio for skin use is 1 drop of essential oil to 10 drops of carrier oil. Suggested carrier oils are; fractionated coconut oil, sweet almond oil (if you have no nut allergies), jojoba oil or apricot kernel oil.

Can I use essential oils if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Not all essential oils are safe to use throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is definitely recommended to avoid essential oil use within the first trimester of pregnancy. As the body experiences many changes and sensitivities throughout pregnancy, it is advised to consult your health care professional to confirm whether essential oil use will be safe for you personally. Every pregnancy is different and your health care professional will have an understanding of what safety measures should be taken for you and your beautiful growing baby.

Can essential oils be ingested?

While our oils are all 100% pure, it is advised not to ingest essential oils internally due to their potency, and potential toxicity level.

Do you ship internationally?

No we do not currently ship outside of Australia.

Are your products Australian made?

Yes! We are passionate about stocking Australian made products and brands to showcase amazing businesses that are Aussie and homegrown.

Do you have a physical Store?

No all products are sold only online.