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Me Myself My Soul

Empower Me Kit


Increase your confidence, level up and show the world what you've got! Unleash your superpower within and allow this kit to support you on your new journey.

Feel empowered, and equipped to walk bravely and boldy in your life. These tools will help to embed a positive mindest and open up your creativity and energy levels. 

If you are struggling with shyness, feeling withdrawn, low self esteem or not feeling you can shine your brightest, then this kit id for you!

The Myles Gray Vous Pouvez Carnelian infused candle, will connect with your sacral chakra to get your creative juices flowing and give you courage and strength to pursue  your hearts desires. Spraying the beautiful Flaurae Uplift Energy Mist, will give you a refreshing and energising scent to put you in a cheerful mood. Reading and repeating the affirmations from the Comfort Cards Positive Affirmation Deck, can rewire your subconscious mind and thoughts to help create a more positive reality. 

Flaurae Uplift Energy Mist: 30ml



1 x Myles Gray Vous Pouvez Crystal Infused Candle: Vous Pouvez will help to give you strength and courage to face your fears and feel empowered. Infused with Carnelian crystal.

Flaurae Uplift Energy Mist: Uplift Energy Mist is made with a unique blend of carefully selected essential oils that will provide an uplifting and cheerful atmosphere. 

Comfort Cards Positive Affirmation Cards & Wooden Stand: These cards help promote self-confidence and belief in your own abilities by shifting your focus away from perceived failures or inadequacies and redirecting your focus towards your strengths.



Click on the corresponding product page to view all ingredients and instructions on how to use. 

Myles Gray Vous Pouvez Crystal Infused Candle

Flaurae Uplift Energy Mist

Comfort Cards Positive Affirmation Cards

Available as a gift box in our Soulful Gifts section.

Gift Wrapping Includes:

  • Recyclable kraft white box
  • Signature Me Myself My Soul tissue paper
  • Recyclable white shredded paper filler to support products within the box
  • Dusty Pink satin ribbon box 
  • Dried Rose Petals
  • Me Myself My Soul Postcard  with space for your own message if required. If you would like a handwritten personal message on the card, please supply this in the SHOPPING CART notes section. 


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