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Comfort Cards

Positive Affirmation Cards with Wooden Stand


Many of us are held captive by our old attitudes and belief systems, often these are overwhelmingly filled with negative patterns and programming.

We’ve carried these thoughts for years or even decades as they become ingrained into our psyche.

Using techniques like repeating daily affirmation cards for as little as 21 days can help to change these negative thoughts and beliefs and rewire them into positive ones.

Included in this pack you will find thirty positive affirmation cards with an accompanying wooden stand, to inspire you on your journey towards a better life.

These cards help promote self-confidence and belief in your own abilities by shifting your focus away from perceived failures or inadequacies and redirecting your focus towards your strengths.

When you believe it you can achieve it!

They are perfectly sized to carry in your pocket, in your purse/wallet, or ideally display on your desk with the wooden stand. Make sure it displayed somewhere you can easily refer to throughout the day. 

Card Size:                               Wooden Stand Size:

Height: 110mm                     Length: 70mm

Width: 67mm                         Width: 30 mm

Weight: 400gsm                    Height: 17mm

30 x Daily Affirmation Cards and 1 x wooden stand 

Featuring pink, yellow, blue and purple cards

You can use these cards as you wish, however it is recommended to start your day by picking one card and focusing on embodying the chosen affirmation.

Try repeating the positive affirmation 10 times, focusing on the words as they're leaving your mouth. As you say them, believe them to be true!