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Buckley & Phillips

White Stone Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser


This white stone finish ultrasonic diffuser, has a simple and minimalistic style. Lightweight and easy to use the gentle mist allows the benefits of your essential oils to be delivered through the ultrasonic vibrations. 

The slim design helps this diffuser fit into many areas around your home or office and  makes for an easy portable option. The warm white lighting adds chic and elegance to any room. 

Size: 90cm (w) x 180cm (h)


  • 100ml capacity
  • Disperses a cool mist vapour
  • Warm white LED lighting
  • Continuous mode for 3hrs or intermittent mode for 7hrs
  • Operates as humidifier
  • Automatic shutoff at low water level
  • Independent light & mist controls
  • BPA-free

Power Supply & Voltage: 12W   AC 100-240V/DC24V

Weight: 490gm

Connect the power supply cord into the base of the diffuser. Lift the top level of the diffuser. Fill up the water tank/reservoir up to the indicated water line. Add in 3-5 drops of your essential oil blend. Gently place the cover back on top of the base unit and turn on the power point and power button on the diffuser.

Complete instruction manual provided with the diffuser.