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Me Myself My Soul

Anxiety Relief Kit


Many of us can experience anxious thoughts and overwhelming stress in our everyday lives. Some of us can experience this daily, or at times a difficult situation or challenge may trigger us. Don't feel overburdened with negative thinking and help your mind and body to calm down to a place of balance and peace.

The Myles Gray Esprit Clair Amethyst infused candle, it will help you to accomplish tasks with ease, remove any brain fog and create an atmosphere of serenity and calm.  Spraying the beautiful Flaurae Uplift Energy Mist, will revive your spirits and put you in a more joyful mood. The Comfort Cards Anxiety Relief Deck, will provide you with a simple daily task,  to help relax your mind and deter you away from thoughts that may bring you down.

Flaurae Uplift Energy Mist: 30ml



Myles Gray Esprit Clair Crystal Infused Candle: Esprit Clair will allow you to focus on the task at hand or clear your mind to allow new thoughts and ideas to come to fruition. Infused with Amethyst crystal.

Flaurae Uplift Energy Mist: Uplift Energy Mist is made with a unique blend of carefully selected essential oils that will provide an uplifting and cheerful atmosphere and raise your spirits.

Comfort Cards Anxiety Relief Affirmation Cards & Wooden Stand: Don't suffer unnecessarily any longer, the Comfort Cards Anxiety Relief card deck is designed to support anxiety sufferers in maintaining a healthy mindset, promote positive thoughts and provide daily moments of calmness when you need it the most.




Click on the corresponding product page to view all ingredients and instructions on how to use. 

Myles Gray Esprit Clair Crystal Infused Candle

Flaurae Wisdom Energy Mist

Comfort Cards Anxiety Relief Affirmation Cards

Available as a gift box, in our Soulful Gifts Section. 

Gift Wrapping Includes:

  • Recyclable kraft white box
  • Signature Me Myself My Soul tissue paper
  • Recyclable white shredded paper filler to support products within the box
  • Dusty Pink satin ribbon bow
  • Dried Rose Petals
  • Me Myself My Soul Postcard  with space for your own message if required. If you would like a handwritten personal message on the card, please supply this in the SHOPPING CART notes section. 

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