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Comfort Cards

Anxiety Relief Affirmation cards with Wooden Stand


Comforting cards for anxious moments

Do you suffer from periods of anxiety or stress that stop you from living a happy fulfilled life? Those negative thoughts and worries that regularly pop up and ruin your day?

Ongoing, chronic anxiety and stress, can cause or exacerbate many serious health problems, including: Mental health problems, cardiovascular disease, including heart disease, high blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms, heart attacks, and stroke.

Don't suffer unnecessarily any longer, the Comfort Cards Anxiety Relief card deck is designed to support anxiety sufferers in maintaining a healthy mindset, promote positive thoughts and provide daily moments of calmness when you need it the most.

These cards are used and loved by practicing psychologists and have been created based on knowledge and advice from psychologists, scientists, philosophers and fellow anxiety sufferers.

They are perfectly sized to carry in your pocket, in your purse/wallet, or ideally slotted into the wooden stand provided to display on your desk for instant anxiety relief. 

Card Size:                               Wooden Stand Size:

Height: 110mm                     Length: 70mm

Width: 67mm                         Width: 30 mm

Weight: 400gsm                    Height: 17mm


30x cards and 1 x wooden stand with original unique artworks and words. Categories of cards included: 

Wisdom Cards:

Brilliant minds from the past and present provide insights and knowledge that will provide new and exciting ways of challenging anxious thoughts.

Activity Cards:

Scientifically proven psychological and physical activity cards help ease your anxiety and improve your wellbeing.

Quote Cards:

Gentle reminders from those who've been there before provide a moment of clarity to interrupt snowballing anxious thoughts.

These cards have been designed to use daily over the course of one month. Each day you should read the next card in the deck and focus on the lesson provided, or complete the suggested activity.

Please note, these cards should not replace the advice of a professional and are not designed as treatment for individuals experiencing a mental health condition.

Customer Reviews

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I received this gift from a dear friend when I was experiencing daily panic attacks and a lot of anxiety. Each day I would pick a card which became a reminder that I was okay and that I will be okay. These cards reminded me of the power of just slowing down, being kind to ourselves and changing perceptions. They have beautiful quotes and activities that can be used in times when you just need that little extra love and support. Would highly recommend for people that experience anxiety or stress.