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Have you ever wanted to:

Gain clarity towards your personal and professional goals?

Deeply appreciate yourself; your strengths and imperfections?

Deep dive into your beliefs and mindset to discover what has been holding you back? 

Chantal Chidiac is an ICF Certified Transformation & Success Coach and Certified NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner. Having previously worked across global companies and various different industries, she has moved from her HR career of 15 + years and built her own coaching business. In addition, Chantal is also on the panel of Certified Coaches for the Australian based online learning platform Careerbase.

Chantal supports heart-centered, independent women to connect with their highest potential in order to create a more empowered life and career for themselves. She is wildly resourceful in her approach, using specific tools & techniques to help shift limiting beliefs and create a deeper and more meaningful connection with self. She has a strong ability to intuitively help her clients gain more clarity, confidence and direction in all areas of their lives. 

1-1 personal coaching sessions,

Email & phone support outside of sessions, copy of each session recording provided

Using NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) techniques to identify and rewire negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Hypnosis and TIME Therapy to dislodge deep-rooted emotional pain, anxiety, grief and move through painful life experiences

Complete a Clifton's Strengths Profile and debrief session, to identify your top strengths and how to utilise them in all areas of your life

Create a vision and action plan for what you truly want in your life and career

Understanding and working with your 'inner-child'  learning about the importance of acknowledging the needs of your inner-child and incorporating that into your life to help you thrive 

Building self-confidence, self-belief and finding your inner voice. How to use this effectively in your life and career

Finding a deeper connection and appreciation of self and creating a routine for self-care

If you would like to explore more about how Chantal can support you, you can book a free call at

You can also follow her on Facebook at Higher Ground Coaching & Consulting or Instagram @chantalchidiac.